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Some unknown maniac is threatening a navigation company to blow up one of its luxury transatlantics, the "Britannic", now in high sea with 1200 passengers. He is asking for a £500,000 ...
Directed by: Richard Lester
Duration : 109 min
Genre : Action, Thriller
Starring: Richard Harris, Omar Sharif, David Hemmings
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Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us (1974)
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Two convicts break out of Mississippi State Penitentiary in 1936 to join a third on a long spree of bank robbing, their special talent and claim to fame. The youngest of the three falls in ...
Directed by: Robert Altman
Duration : 123 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance
Starring: Keith Carradine, Shelley Duvall, John Schuck
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The Black Godfather

The Black Godfather (1974)
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J.J., a rising star in the black crime scene, is in the process of consolidating his power over the neighborhood. One of the only remaining obstacles is the white heroin cartel that is ...
Directed by: John Evans
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Crime
Starring: Rod Perry, Damu King, Don Chastain
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Black Samson

Black Samson (1974)
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Noble nightclub owner Samson does his best to keep his neighborhood clean of crime and drugs. When vicious mobster Johnny Nappa tries to muscle in on Samson's territory, Samson takes a brave stand against Nappa and his flunkies.
Directed by: Charles Bail
Duration : 88 min
Genre : Action, Drama
Starring: Rockne Tarkington, William Smith, Connie Strickland
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Ten people are invited to a hotel in the Iranian desert, only to find that an unseen person is killing them one by one. Could one of them be the killer?
Directed by: Peter Collinson
Duration : 98 min
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Charles Aznavour, Maria Rohm, Adolfo Celi
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Freebie and the Bean

Freebie and the Bean (1974)
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Freebie and Bean, two San Francisco police detectives, have one goal in life: to bring down Red Meyers, a local hijacking boss. After many fruitless months they finally collect an important...
Directed by: Richard Rush
Duration : 113 min
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Starring: Alan Arkin, James Caan, Loretta Swit
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The Sister-in-Law

The Sister-in-Law (1974)
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Robert and Edward are brothers involved in a web of adultry and deceit. They share Edward's wife and his mistress and a mission to deliver a package of jewels across the Canadian border, but the mission turns out to be deadly.
Directed by: Joseph Ruben
Duration : 85 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: John Savage, Will MacMillan, Anne Saxon
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Cry Panic

Cry Panic (1974)
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A man accidentally runs over and kills a pedestrian outside a small town. He begins to suspect that the locals, including the sheriff, are keeping secrets about the victim.
Directed by: James Goldstone
Duration : 74 min
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Starring: John Forsythe, Earl Holliman, Ralph Meeker
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A Woman Under the Influence

A Woman Under the Influence (1974)
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Mabel, a wife and mother, is loved by her husband Nick but her madness proves to be a problem in the marriage. The film transpires to a positive role of madness in the family, challenging conventional representations of madness in cinema.
Directed by: John Cassavetes
Duration : 155 min
Genre : Drama, Romance
Starring: Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk, Fred Draper
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Legacy of Satan

Legacy of Satan (1974)
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A satanic cult chooses an unwitting young girl as its new queen.
Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Duration : 68 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: John Francis, Lisa Christian, Paul Barry
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The Deluge

The Deluge (1974)
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During the 1655 war between Protestant Sweden and Catholic Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth some Polish-Lithuanian nobles side with Swedish king Charles X Gustav while others side with the Polish king Jan Kazimierz.
Directed by: Jerzy Hoffman
Duration : 315 min
Genre : Adventure, History, Romance, War
Starring: Daniel Olbrychski, Malgorzata Braunek, Tadeusz Lomnicki
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TNT Jackson

TNT Jackson (1974)
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A young karate expert searches for her brother's killer in Hong Kong.
Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago
Duration : 72 min
Genre : Action
Starring: Jeannie Bell, Stan Shaw, Pat Anderson
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In 1920, some workers of Patagonia, grouped in anarchist and socialist societies, decide to make a strike demanding better working conditions. The situation becomes unsustainable and the government sends the order is restored.
Directed by: Héctor Olivera
Duration : 110 min
Genre : Drama, History
Starring: Pedro Aleandro, Héctor Alterio, Luis Brandoni
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Space Is the Place

Space Is the Place (1974)
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Sun Ra--space-age prophet, Pharaonic jester, shaman-philosopher and avant-jazz keyboardist/bandleader--land his spaceship in Oakland, having been presumed lost in space for a few years. ...
Directed by: John Coney
Duration : 85 min
Genre : Sci-Fi, Music
Starring: Barbara Deloney, Sun Ra, Raymond Johnson
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Shriek of the Mutilated

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)
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A group of college students are led by their professor into the mountains in search of the Yeti. The students start to be killed off one by one.
Directed by: Michael Findlay
Duration : 86 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Alan Brock, Jennifer Stock, Tawm Ellis
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