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Burglar Maurice Faugel has just finished his sentence. He murders Gilbert Vanovre, a receiver, and steals the loot of a break-in. He is also preparing a house-breaking, and his friend ...
Directed by: Jean-Pierre Melville
Duration : 108 min
Genre : Crime, Thriller
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Serge Reggiani, Jean Desailly
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Two stories are simultaneously told. One dutiful mother progressively becomes a frustrated woman who is the only one assuming the family responsibilities of working at home and looking ...
Directed by: Vera Chytilová
Duration : 85 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Vladimir Bosak, Eva Bosáková, Dagmar Cejnkova
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The king of Nogara dies, leaving behind a will naming one of his nieces as his successor. Will it be blonde and virtuous Isabella or evil, dark-haired Malva? Each woman relies on a hero to ...
Directed by: Umberto Lenzi
Duration : 86 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama
Starring: Pierre Brice, Sergio Ciani, Moira Orfei
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Ladies Who Do

Ladies Who Do (1963)
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The "Ladies Who Do" are office cleaners. One of them discovers some hot stock tips and they make a fortune. They then make good use of it to save their old neighbourhoods from the wicked developer.
Directed by: C.M. Pennington-Richards
Duration : 85 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Peggy Mount, Robert Morley, Harry H. Corbett
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Judex (1963)
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Favraux, an unscrupulous banker, receives a threatening note, signed by "Judex", demanding that he pay back the people he has swindled. He refuses, and apparently dies after a midnight ...
Directed by: Georges Franju
Duration : 104 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Starring: Channing Pollock, Francine Bergé, Edith Scob
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Il magnifico avventuriero

Il magnifico avventuriero (1963)
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Directed by: Riccardo Freda
Duration : 93 min
Genre : Adventure
Starring: Brett Halsey, Claudia Mori, Françoise Fabian
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Act One

Act One (1963)
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Story of the life of writer/playwright Moss Hart.
Directed by: Dore Schary
Duration : 110 min
Genre : Drama, Biography
Starring: George Hamilton, Jason Robards, George Segal
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The Servant

The Servant (1963)
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The aristocratic Tony moves to London and hires the servant Hugo Barrett for all services at home. Barrett seems to be a loyal and competent employee...
Directed by: Joseph Losey
Duration : 112 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Sarah Miles, Wendy Craig
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The Comedy of Terrors

The Comedy of Terrors (1963)
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Waldo Trumbull, an undertaker who hasn't had any 'customers' in a long time is forced the pay one year's back-rent. To get money he starts to kill people in order to get new clients.
Directed by: Jacques Tourneur
Duration : 84 min
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Starring: Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff
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Follows a family-man who meets women through lonely hearts ads.
Directed by: Claude Chabrol
Duration : 115 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Biography
Starring: Michèle Morgan, Danielle Darrieux, Hildegard Knef
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Omicron (1963)
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An alien takes over the body of an Earthman in order to learn about the planet so his race can take it over.
Directed by: Ugo Gregoretti
Duration : 102 min
Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi
Starring: Renato Salvatori, Rosemary Dexter, Gaetano Quartararo
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Shadow of Fear

Shadow of Fear (1963)
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An American returning home from Baghdad and seeing his girl in Britain on the way agrees to take a message to the secret service. Once in London he is picked up by the gang involved, who ...
Directed by: Ernest Morris
Duration : 60 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Paul Maxwell, Clare Owen, Anita West
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Kings of the Sun

Kings of the Sun (1963)
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In order to flee from powerful enemies, young Mayan king Balam leads his people north across the Gulf of Mexico to the coast of what will become the United States. They build a home in the ...
Directed by: J. Lee Thompson
Duration : 108 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Thriller, History
Starring: Yul Brynner, George Chakiris, Shirley Anne Field
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The V.I.P.s

The V.I.P.s (1963)
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Fog delays a group of travelers headed for New York. They wait at the V.I.P. lounge of London Airport, each at a moment of crisis in his or her life.
Directed by: Anthony Asquith
Duration : 119 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Louis Jourdan
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Carry on Jack

Carry on Jack (1963)
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This is the tale of Albert Poop-Decker, a newly commissioned Midshipman (although he took 8 1/2 years to qualify)...
Directed by: Gerald Thomas
Duration : 91 min
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Starring: Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Cribbins
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