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Something of Value

Something of Value (1957)
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Even though Peter and Kimani grow up together, Kimani soon finds that different races are treated differently. After the father of Kimani is jailed for following tribal customs, Kimani ...
Directed by: Richard Brooks
Duration : 113 min
Genre : Drama, War
Starring: Rock Hudson, Dana Wynter, Wendy Hiller
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Not Wanted on Voyage

Not Wanted on Voyage (1957)
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Adventures of two stewards aboard a pleasure cruiser.
Directed by: Maclean Rogers
Duration : 82 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix, Griffith Jones
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Hold That Hypnotist

Hold That Hypnotist (1957)
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Sach and Duke set out to expose a stage hypnotist as a phony. In order to do so, Sach allows himself to be hypnotized and "regressed" to a past life--which he discovers was as a tax ...
Directed by: Austen Jewell
Duration : 61 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements, Jane Nigh
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Footsteps in the Night

Footsteps in the Night (1957)
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A gambling addict is the logical suspect in the death of a card-playing neighbor who caused his relapse - too logical, think the two detectives on the case.
Directed by: Jean Yarbrough
Duration : 62 min
Genre : Drama, Mystery
Starring: Bill Elliott, Don Haggerty, Eleanore Tanin
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Loving You

Loving You (1957)
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A musician and a publicist help a delivery man achieve stardom.
Directed by: Hal Kanter
Duration : 101 min
Genre : Drama, Musical
Starring: Elvis Presley, Lizabeth Scott, Wendell Corey
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Kiss Them for Me

Kiss Them for Me (1957)
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In 1944, three Navy pilots stationed in Hawaii and a P.R. officer go on a 4-day leave to San Francisco where they party with a good crowd in the executive suite of a busy hotel.
Directed by: Stanley Donen
Duration : 105 min
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Starring: Cary Grant, Jayne Mansfield, Leif Erickson
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All at Sea

All at Sea (1957)
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A seasick sea captain commands an amusement pier despite local opposition.
Directed by: Charles Frend
Duration : 87 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Alec Guinness, Harry Locke, Frederick Piper
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Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat (1957)
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Japanese fifth columnists create havoc in the industries and plantations of Pre-Pearl Harbor Hawaii, until an American doctor helps defeat them.
Directed by: Howard W. Koch
Duration : 75 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance
Starring: Lex Barker, Mari Blanchard, James Westerfield
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The Shiralee

The Shiralee (1957)
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When Jim Macauley finds his wife with another man, he takes their young daughter and they hit the road. With a young child as his responsibility, he finds he can't be quite the fancy-free ...
Directed by: Leslie Norman
Duration : 99 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Peter Finch, Dana Wilson, Elizabeth Sellars
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The Halliday Brand

The Halliday Brand (1957)
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Sheriff Halliday doesn't approve of his children dating or marrying half-breeds and his blind hate threatens to alienate his whole family.
Directed by: Joseph H. Lewis
Duration : 79 min
Genre : Drama, Romance, Western
Starring: Joseph Cotten, Viveca Lindfors, Betsy Blair
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Pharaoh's Curse

Pharaoh's Curse (1957)
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Archaeologists in Egypt find one of their crew has been turned into a blood sucking mummy after they have unleashed a three thousand year curse by entering a Pharaoh's tomb.
Directed by: Lee Sholem
Duration : 66 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Mark Dana, Ziva Rodann, Diane Brewster
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Dr. John Holden ventures to London to attend a paranormal psychology symposium with the intention to expose devil cult leader, Julian Karswell. Holden is a skeptic and does not believe in ...
Directed by: Jacques Tourneur
Duration : 95 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins, Niall MacGinnis
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Joe Dakota

Joe Dakota (1957)
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A stranger rides into town and says he is looking for a local Indian. Told he left town, the truth everyone has been hiding comes out including the stranger's true identity.
Directed by: Richard Bartlett
Duration : 79 min
Genre : Romance, Western
Starring: Jock Mahoney, Luana Patten, Charles McGraw
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Les Girls

Les Girls (1957)
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After writing a tell-all book about her days in the dance troupe "Barry Nichols and Les Girls", Sybil Wren (Kay Kendall) is sued for libeling her fellow dancer Angele (Taina Elg). A
Directed by: George Cukor
Duration : 114 min
Genre : Comedy, Musical
Starring: Gene Kelly, Mitzi Gaynor, Kay Kendall
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The Black Scorpion

The Black Scorpion (1957)
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Volcanic activity frees giant scorpions from the earth who wreak havoc in the rural countryside and eventually threaten Mexico City.
Directed by: Edward Ludwig
Duration : 88 min
Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: Richard Denning, Mara Corday, Carlos Rivas
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