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Strike Commando

Strike Commando (1987)
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While operating behind enemy lines, Sgt. Mike Ransom learns of a Russian presence in North Vietnam. Ordered to obtain proof of this discovery, Ransom returns to enemy territory but is ...
Directed by: Bruno Mattei
Year : 1987 | Duration : 104 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, War
Starring: Reb Brown, Christopher Connelly, Louise Kamsteeg
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Beau Geste

Beau Geste (1939)
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Beau, John, and Digby Geste are three inseparable, adventurous brothers who haven been adopted into the wealthy household of Lady Brandon. When money in the uppercrust household grows tight...
Directed by: William A. Wellman
Year : 1939 | Duration : 112 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, War
Starring: Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Robert Preston
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Attack Force Z

Attack Force Z (1982)
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A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.
Directed by: Tim Burstall
Year : 1982 | Duration : 93 min
Genre : Action, Drama, History, War
Starring: John Phillip Law, Mel Gibson, Sam Neill
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Set in Hiroshima during World War II, an eighteen-year-old girl gets married and now has to prepare food for her family despite the rationing and lack of supplies. As she struggles with the...
Directed by: Sunao Katabuchi
Year : 2016 | Duration : 130 min
Genre : Animation, Drama, History, War
Starring: Non, Kira Buckland, Christine Marie Cabanos
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A ruthless hit man, joins a group of mercenaries deep in a South American jungle. His plan is to kidnap and collect the million dollar bounty on one of the other hired soldiers during one ...
Directed by: Joe D'Amato
Year : 1979 | Duration : 88 min
Genre : Action, War
Starring: Luc Merenda, Donald O'Brien, Percy Hogan
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Not Another Mistake

Not Another Mistake (1988)
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The first reviewer did not understand the movie. The rescue team was sent ACROSS the border into North Vietnam territory. They never encounter any Viet Con guerrillas but regular North Vietnamese army troops.
Directed by: Anthony Maharaj
Year : 1988 | Duration : 99 min
Genre : War
Starring: Richard Norton, Michael John Meyer, Wren T. Brown
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The Man Who Saved Christmas

The Man Who Saved Christmas (2002)
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A.C. Gilbert figures out a way to keep Christmas alive after the war threatens to take it away in his name.
Directed by: Sturla Gunnarsson
Year : 2002 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama, Biography, Family, War
Starring: Jason Alexander, Kelly Rowan, Ari Cohen
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A Carol for Another Christmas

A Carol for Another Christmas (1964)
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Presented without commercial interruptions, this "United Nations Special" was sponsored by the Xerox Corporation, the first of a series of Xerox specials promoting the UN. Director Joseph ...
Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Year : 1964 | Duration : 84 min
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, War
Starring: Sterling Hayden, Eva Marie Saint, Ben Gazzara
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While Felix is away at the War the people of Avonlea try to have a good Christmas, but Miss King is suddenly badly hurt and she may not live...
Directed by: Stefan Scaini
Year : 1998 | Duration : 120 min
Genre : Drama, Family, Romance, War
Starring: Jackie Burroughs, Lally Cadeau, Mag Ruffman
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Unfallen (2017)
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Seven year-old old twin brothers, separated during the Civil War in Tajikistan, face each other years later in a new war where one is an American soldier and the other is Taliban.
Directed by: Dante, Josh Hodgins
Year : 2017 | Duration : 97 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, War
Starring: James Hong, Michael Madsen, Rebekah Kochan
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At the strait 'Roaring Currents', master strategist Admiral Yi and his 12 battleships oppose enemy's fleet of 330, and win the most incredible victory of history.
Directed by: Han-min Kim
Year : 2014 | Duration : 126 min
Genre : Adventure, Biography, War
Starring: Min-sik Choi, Seung-ryong Ryu, Jin-woong Jo
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Riphagen (2016)
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The story about Riphagen, a cunning Dutch traitor during WW2 who helped Nazi round up Jews, stealing their treasures for himself. He destroyed Resistance groups, making many who pursued justice after the war look like fools.
Directed by: Pieter Kuijpers
Year : 2016 | Duration : 131 min
Genre : Drama, War
Starring: Britte Lagcher, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Lisa Zweerman
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The defense of honor, a strong value in Neapolitan society, and his effects on the life of everyman Pasquale Frafuso.
Directed by: Lina Wertmüller
Year : 1975 | Duration : 116 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, War
Starring: Giancarlo Giannini, Fernando Rey, Shirley Stoler
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Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers

Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (2011)
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Untold and lost history. A true story of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose deadly mission was to land 30 minutes before the Normandy invasion...
Directed by: Curt A. Sindelar
Year : 2011 | Duration : 30 min
Genre : Action, History, War
Starring: Michael Conner Humphreys, Christopher Serrone, Suzanne Owens-Duval
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Directed by: Pierluigi Ciriaci
Year : 1989 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Action, War
Starring: Mark Gregory, John Vernon, Savina Gersak
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