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The Mating Game

The Mating Game (1959)
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Tax collector Lorenzo Charlton comes to the Larkins' farm to ask why Pop Larkins hasn't paid his back taxes. Charlton has to stay for a day to try to estimate the income from the farm, but ...
Directed by: George Marshall
Year : 1959 | Duration : 96 min
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Starring: Debbie Reynolds, Tony Randall, Paul Douglas
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Clash by Night

Clash by Night (1952)
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Mae Doyle comes back to her hometown a cynical woman. Her brother Joe fears that his love, fish cannery worker Peggy, may wind up like Mae. Mae marries Jerry and has a baby; she is happy but restless, drawn to Jerry's friend Earl.
Directed by: Fritz Lang
Year : 1952 | Duration : 105 min
Genre : Drama, Film-Noir
Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan, Paul Douglas
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This Could Be the Night

This Could Be the Night (1957)
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Jean Simmons (a school teacher) takes a secretarial job in a nightclub. The two club owners quibble about a lot, including her. Unfortunately, she develops an interest for the partner who disapproves of her employment at the club.
Directed by: Robert Wise
Year : 1957 | Duration : 104 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Jean Simmons, Paul Douglas, Anthony Franciosa
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Panic in the Streets

Panic in the Streets (1950)
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A doctor and a policeman in New Orleans have only 48 hours to locate a killer infected with pneumonic plague.
Directed by: Elia Kazan
Year : 1950 | Duration : 96 min
Genre : Crime, Thriller, Film-Noir
Starring: Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes
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Green Fire

Green Fire (1954)
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Rian Mitchell discovers an emerald deposit in South America, but gets chased away before he can start to mine. He tricks his partner, Vic, into returning to the site. While there, he meets ...
Directed by: Andrew Marton
Year : 1954 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama
Starring: Stewart Granger, Grace Kelly, Paul Douglas
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It Happens Every Spring

It Happens Every Spring (1949)
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A scientist discovers a formula that makes a baseball which is repelled by wood. He promptly sets out to exploit his discovery.
Directed by: Lloyd Bacon
Year : 1949 | Duration : 87 min
Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi, Sport
Starring: Ray Milland, Jean Peters, Paul Douglas
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Fourteen Hours

Fourteen Hours (1951)
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An unhappy man threatens suicide by standing on the ledge of a high-rise building for 14 hours.
Directed by: Henry Hathaway
Year : 1951 | Duration : 92 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Starring: Paul Douglas, Richard Basehart, Barbara Bel Geddes
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An American businessman in Scotland is conned into shipping a valuable load of cargo to a Scottish island via a coal powered boat.
Directed by: Alexander Mackendrick
Year : 1954 | Duration : 92 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Paul Douglas, Alex Mackenzie, James Copeland
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Never Wave at a WAC

Never Wave at a WAC (1953)
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A divorced socialite decides to join the Army because she hopes it will enable her to see more of her boyfriend, a Colonel. She soon encounters many difficulties with the Army lifestyle. ...
Directed by: Norman Z. McLeod
Year : 1953 | Duration : 87 min
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Starring: Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, Marie Wilson
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Forever Female

Forever Female (1953)
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An aging actress refuses to admit she is too old to play the ingénue role anymore.
Directed by: Irving Rapper
Year : 1953 | Duration : 93 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Ginger Rogers, William Holden, Paul Douglas
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