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A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange (1971)
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In future Britain, charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy developed by the government in an effort to solve society's crime problem... but not all goes to plan.
Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
Year : 1971 | Duration : 136 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi
Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates
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Halloween (2007)
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After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution (where he was committed as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger.
Directed by: Rob Zombie
Year : 2007 | Duration : 109 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane
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Halloween II

Halloween II (2009)
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Laurie Strode struggles to come to terms with her brother Michael's deadly return to Haddonfield, Illinois; meanwhile, Michael prepares for another reunion with his sister.
Directed by: Rob Zombie
Year : 2009 | Duration : 105 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Scout Taylor-Compton, Tyler Mane, Malcolm McDowell
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31 (2016)
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Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns.
Directed by: Rob Zombie
Year : 2016 | Duration : 102 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Jeff Daniel Phillips
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Free Fall

Free Fall (2014)
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When the sudden and shocking death of a coworker sends everyone reeling at Gault Capital, JANE, uncovers a very dangerous secret. Her boss, charismatic billionaire Thaddeus Gault, is ...
Directed by: Malek Akkad
Year : 2014 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Starring: D.B. Sweeney, Sarah Butler, Malcolm McDowell
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Star Trek: Generations

Star Trek: Generations (1994)
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Captain Picard, with the help of supposedly dead Captain Kirk, must stop a madman willing to murder on a planetary scale in order to enter a space matrix.
Directed by: David Carson
Year : 1994 | Duration : 118 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Starring: Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Malcolm McDowell
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Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (2010)
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Miss Red is being blackmailed. When she asks Sherlock Holmes for help, he connects her case to a series of jewel thefts and tells his assistant Jerry the Mouse to work with Red's butler Tom the Cat for the duration of this case.
Directed by: Spike Brandt, Jeff Siergey
Year : 2010 | Duration : 50 min
Genre : Animation, Family
Starring: Michael York, Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies
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Cat People

Cat People (1982)
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In this erotic remake of the 1942 classic, a young woman's sexual awakening brings horror when she discovers her urges transform her into a monstrous black leopard.
Directed by: Paul Schrader
Year : 1982 | Duration : 118 min
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Romance
Starring: Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, John Heard
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The First 9 1/2 Weeks

The First 9 1/2 Weeks (1998)
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An investment banker (Paul Mercurio) travels to Louisiana to snag the account of an eccentric millionaire (Malcolm McDowell) but gets involved with his lusty wife...
Directed by: Alex Wright
Year : 1998 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Starring: Paul Mercurio, Clara Bellar, Malcolm McDowell
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Richard: The Lionheart

Richard: The Lionheart (2013)
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King Henry II tests the loyalty and honor of his son Richard sending him to a secret castle known as the Knight's Martyr. There, the Prince must fight against adversaries representing the virtues of a knight.
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The Employer

The Employer (2013)
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Five highly qualified applicants interview for a coveted job with the Carcharias Corporation, a powerful conglomerate whose business practices are shrouded in mystery. On the night before ...
Directed by: Frank Merle
Year : 2013
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Malcolm McDowell, David Dastmalchian, Paige Howard
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Antiviral (2012)
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After becoming infected with the virus that killed superstar Hannah Geist, Syd March must unravel the mystery surrounding her death to save his own life.
Directed by: Brandon Cronenberg
Year : 2012 | Duration : 108 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell
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DC Showcase: Green Arrow

DC Showcase: Green Arrow (2010)
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At an airport, the Emerald Archer must protect a young princess from assassins.
Directed by: Joaquim Dos Santos
Year : 2010 | Duration : 12 min
Genre : Animation, Short
Starring: Neal McDonough, Malcolm McDowell, Steve Blum
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Zombex (2013)
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ZOMBEX tells the story of a post-Katrina New Orleans as it deals with a new disaster, a zombie apocalypse. NOLA residents are no longer experiencing the depression and post-traumatic stress...
Directed by: Jesse Dayton
Year : 2013 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Lew Temple, David Christopher, Malcolm McDowell
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Princess of Thieves

Princess of Thieves (2001)
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When her father is captured by The Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John, Robin Hood's daughter sets out to help the son and rightful heir of King Richard the Lionheart sit on the throne as well as rescue her captive father.
Directed by: Peter Hewitt
Year : 2001 | Duration : 88 min
Genre : Action, Adventure
Starring: Hannah Cresswell, David Barrass, Malcolm McDowell
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